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  • Kosibox is based locally in norway without need for customs clearance and long lead times



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At Kosibox we take pride in being a locally based Norwegian gift company.

We serve all of Norway with our exceptional gift delivery service. From busy cities to rural locations, we are dedicated to deliver great gifts.

Place your order by 12 pm, and we'll make surethat your present gets delivered the same or the next day to major cities.

While it may take a few extra days to reach rural destinations, we guarantee that your thoughtful gift will arrive with the same love and care as any other delivery. Kosibox is your trusted partner for local gift delivery in Norway. Place your order in our hands – and we’ll handle the rest!


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    收件人在投递前收到一条短信。可以使用 Porterbuddy 更改日期。

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FAQ about Gifts in Norway

Who is behind Kosibox?

Kosibox is a Norwegian family business based just outside of Oslo. Our expertise is sending gifts to all of Norway. We promise excellent customer service and provide a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions about sending your presents or about our products, we are here to help!

Can I buy gifts for different occasions?

Yes, we have carefully chosen gifts that are suitable for different occasions, including Christmas, Father's Day, Birthdays, Baby Gifts, Breakfast Gifts, and Gifts from Norway and the Nordic region.

How much do we charge for the gift delivery?

Free shipping is available depending on the delivery location and order value. Please refer to our delivery options for more details.

Where in Norway can you deliver my gift?

Kosibox delivers throughout Norway, with the exception of Svalbard. Delivery times may vary depending on the region.

For Oslo, most of Eastern Norway, and the larger cities (Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Kristiansand) we can usually deliver same or next day when you order before 12.00 CET.

For more rural locations the delivery can take 2 to 6 working days.

How can the recipient know about the upcoming gift delivery?

The recipient will receive an SMS. It is important to provide the correct phone number. Feel free to inform the recipient in advance to ensure that they don't miss the surprise.

The delivery experience may vary depending on the chosen shipping method (Porterbuddy or Posten). With Porterbuddy, the recipient can change the delivery date or arrange a drop off delivery if they are not at home. With Posten, the gift will be placed in a bag hanging on the door or placed in the mailbox, regardless of whether the recipient is home or not.

Is the gift delivered in person?

With Porterbuddy, the delivery is personal, but the recipient can choose to have the package left outside the door. This option can
be chosen through the tracking link received via SMS from Porterbuddy. With Posten, the gift is placed in a bag put on the door or in the mailbox, without a personal delivery.

What happens if the recipient is not at home upon delivery?

Porterbuddy: If no one is home and there is no agreement to leave the package outside the door, Porterbuddy will contact the recipient via SMS to arrange a new delivery.

Posten: The package will be placed in a bag hanging on the door or, placed in the mailbox.

How does the gift delivery in Norway work in detail?

Let’s walk you through the steps of our simple gift delivery:

Step 1: Choose a ready-to-send Kosibox, or build your own gift box

Our ready-to-send Kosiboxes are made with different themes. You can also choose additional gift items, a card and a personalized greeting.

If you want to build your own gift box from scratch, only your imagination is the limit!

Once you've made your choice, we'll take you through the following simple steps to create the perfect gift!

Step 2: Personalize your Norwegian gift box

You can add gifts that you think the recipient will appreciate and write a personal message on one of our beautiful cards.

Are you in love, but don't dare to reveal the secret? You can choose to send the gift anonymously! We won’t tell anyone! :)

If you're sending a gift for a special occasion, we can put a sticker on the box that says: "Do not open until (your chosen date)." It’s free of course!

Step 3: Complete your order and select shipping

Once you have put your gift box together, you will be asked to provide us with the recipient's address and phone number. It is important to give us the correct details. Read more about the delivery here.

Step 4: The gift is sent directly to the recipient

The recipient receives an SMS in advance. Depending on the delivery options, the recipient can choose to change the delivery time. Alternatively, the package is delivered at the doorstep. You’ll also have the option to track the shipment.