Environment and sustainability are in our backbone

A good gift is: Great for the recipient, great for the giver,
sustainable and gentle on the environment.

  • Environmentally friendly packaging

    Our Kosiboxes are made with a high degree of recycled pulp. We avoid the use of plastic as far as possible, in our own packaging, in the packaging of the gift items we offer.

    Cards, stickers, floral paper, filler and packing tape are all biodegradable.

    You contribute for planting new trees when you buy a Kosibox.

  • Environmentally friendly gifts

    We emphasize products that can be enjoyed, consumed or in other ways not wasted or left unused in a drawer.

    The products have been selected especially with regard to quality, use of packaging and recycling. Many of the products are also organic.

  • Local and regional focus

    We avoid a large environmental footprint by using local producers as much as possible.

    If you are a local craft business and have a great product that you think would fit well in a Kosibox, get in touch!