Common questions

general questions

Is it possible to order gifts delivered to the recipient's door?

Yes, we have a good and well-thought-out selection of gifts that appeal to most people. You order through our website and the recipient gets the gift delivered to their door with a personal greeting.

Do you have any stores I can visit?

No, unfortunately. We only have online shopping.

How can I contact Kosibox?

Chat with us Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 16:00! We'd love to hear from you :)

You can also use the email form, and we'll usually respond within a short time.

Who is behind Kosibox?

Kosibox is a newly started family business. Read more about us.

Can I delete my personal data?

Yes, contact us via email form with your name and we will delete your data. Otherwise see our privacy.


Do you offer corporate gifts?

Yes, we offer corporate gifts and corporate gifts for employees. Read more about company gifts for employees.

Can I buy gifts for different occasions?

Yes, we have selected gifts suitable for various occasions, such as:

Christmas gifts

Father's Day


Baby gifts

Breakfast as a gift

Gifts from Norway and The Nordics

Questions about delivery

How much does delivery cost?

Free shipping is available, depending on where you want to deliver and how much you shop for, see delivery options here.

Where in the country does Kosibox deliver?

Kosibox delivers throughout Norway, with the exception of Svalbard. Delivery times vary between parts of the country.

What time of day do you deliver?

Delivery to private addresses with Porterbuddy is in the evening, typically between 1730 and 2130.

Delivery with Posten is during the day, but does not depend on the Recipient being at home. The gift is hung in a bag on the door or placed in the mailbox.

Delivery to business addresses is during the day.

How does the recipient know that a Kosibox is on its way?

Recipient receives notification via SMS. It is therefore important that you remember to enter the correct telephone number.

Please notify the recipient in advance as well, so you are sure that he/she does not miss anything.

The recipient gets a slightly different experience depending on which shipping option you choose (Porterbuddy or Posten).

With Porterbuddy, the recipient can choose to change the delivery day, or arrange delivery outside the door if they are not at home.

With Posten, the gift is hung in a bag on the door, or placed in the mailbox, so the delivery does not depend on whether the Recipient is at home at the time.

Can the recipient change the delivery time?


If you have ordered with delivery within a 2-hour window, the recipient can choose another time window the same evening on the tracking page, which will be available via SMS, until 14:00.

If delivery is scheduled in a 4-hour window, or the recipient does not have the opportunity to receive the package on the same day, the recipient should contact Porterbuddy.


The recipient cannot change the delivery time, but will be notified via SMS before the package is ready for delivery. Posten can deliver even if the Recipient is not at home.

Personal delivery or leaving the package outside the door?

For Porterbuddy, the delivery is personal, but the recipient can choose to have the courier leave the package outside the door without ringing the bell. This choice is made through the tracking link that comes in an SMS from Porterbuddy.

With Posten, the gift is placed in a bag that is hung on the door, or in the mailbox, without personal delivery.

What happens if the recipient is not at home when you deliver?


If no one was at home, and no agreement had been made to leave the package outside the door, Porterbuddy will contact the recipient via SMS. A new delivery can be arranged there.

The post:

The package is hung on the door in a bag or placed in the mailbox.

Questions about our KOSIBOX gift boxes and packaging

Collapsible contents

Build your own KOSIBOX - what happens if it gets too tight in the box?

When you build your own KOSIBOX, you can add as many products as you want. If we see that there will not be room for everything, you will automatically be upgraded to the large box.

If there is also no room in the large box, we put the KOSIBOX in a larger shipping box. The excess products are placed neatly next to the KOSIBOX.

Finished KOSIBOX - can you fit all the additional gifts in the box?

The additional gifts have been selected to fit in the various KOSIBOXes, such as KOSI-CHILL and KOSI-LOVE.

If, contrary to presumption, it becomes too cramped with your exact composition of products, we put the KOSIBOX in a larger shipping box. The excess products are placed neatly next to the KOSIBOX.

Can I combine the purchase of a KOSIBOX and articles without packaging?

Yes. If you put articles without packaging in the shopping basket, together with a KOSIBOX, everything will be put in a larger shipping box. The KOSIBOX by itself, and the other gifts next to it.

I have no KOSIBOX in my shopping basket, how are the products packed?

If there is no KOSIBOX gift box, such as KOSI-CHILL or Build your own KOSIBOX, all products are packed in ordinary shipping packaging.

Questions about sustainability and the environment

Where do packaging and gift items come from?

Our packaging is made with a high degree of recycled paper/cardboard.

We emphasize buying locally as much as possible in our immediate areas to minimize shipping kilometers.

The packaging has been chosen to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

How do I recycle the packaging?

First of all, we hope that the recipients will want to use the box again for other purposes.

We aim for our Kosiboxes to be made of 100% paper/cardboard, and to be recycled as such.

Now in our "soft launch", the large Kosibox has a plastic film layer. Hopefully, the recipient will want to reuse the box, but if not, it should be recycled as residual waste. This is a limited edition, and will soon be phased out with pure 100% cardboard.

We use filling material of paper and tissue paper. We also use stickers, which are paper-based and can also be recycled as paper. We use kraft paper for outer packaging, with paper packing tape.

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