Terms of Use


The terms and conditions below apply to all sales through the online store www. kosibox. no (Kosiboks AS, org no 928 285 219, Krabberudlia 31, 1337 Sandvika. ) For sales to companies outside the website, terms for companies apply.

When ordering goods and services from Kosibox, you have simultaneously accepted and approved these terms.

The agreement consists of these sales conditions and information given in the ordering solution.

The seller is Kosiboks AS, i.e. we us.

The buyer is you, i.e. the consumer who makes the order.

Gifts from Kosibox are typically delivered to a third party (Recipient), who is not a party to the agreement.

Contact us

We live to spread joy, and we want to offer a great gift experience. If something does not meet your expectations, get in touch and we will try to find good solutions.

When you write to us, we need your order number.

1. Agreement conclusion

The agreement is binding for both parties when you have sent your order to Kosibox via our website. In the case of questions, complaints or right of withdrawal, Kosibox will always deal with you who ordered and paid for the product. This applies even if the product is delivered to a Recipient.

2. Wrapper

Kosibox offers that you can choose which gifts to put in the gift box. The products are selected to fit in the box you have chosen. If there is still not enough room for all the products, Kosibox will upgrade you free of charge to the largest box in our range. Note that this may have a different visual expression than the box you chose. If the gifts do not fit in the largest box, excess gift items will be securely packed and placed next to the gift box in a larger shipping box.

3. Payment

Kosibox reserves the amount from the time the order is approved, and the amount is deducted when the item is sent from us. For pre-ordered gifts (more than 7 days), the amount can be deducted earlier.

Kosibox uses market-leading payment partners such as Vipps and Klarna. Their conditions for the completion of purchases apply.

4. Delivery

Gifts from Kosibox are usually delivered to a third party. As the Buyer, you are responsible for the Recipient being at the address you have specified in your order.

You are responsible for the delivery information being correct at all times, including the door number. If the delivery address changes between the time of ordering and the time of delivery, you are responsible for any delay or loss of the gift. In common entrances, the apartment number or floor should be stated.

Kosibox, or our delivery partners, will contact the Recipient directly so that delivery can take place. Recipient will be notified by SMS. You must provide the correct telephone number when ordering. The notification does not state who the sender is, or which product they are to receive. The recipient will be given the opportunity to change the delivery time/date, but this opportunity must be used well in advance of the planned delivery.

The door must be clearly marked with the recipient's name.

Delivery has taken place when the Recipient, or his representative, has taken over the product. The risk for the goods then passes to you as the buyer.

When delivering to institutions, offices or other addresses where you are not allowed to deliver directly to the Recipient, we only guarantee delivery to the reception/lobby/guard or similar. The staff at the delivery address are then responsible for delivering the product to the recipient. This may, for example, apply to delivery to business addresses, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, public institutions or other addresses with access control. We recommend checking with the institution how packages are received before ordering.

If you wish to deliver to such addresses, it can be of great help if you state the department or room where the Recipient is located. You do this by entering in the address field.

Especially about delivery by Posten and "bag at the door":

  • The distance from the mailbox to the recipient's door must not be more than 250 m.
  • The post office must have access to the recipient's door, e.g. e.g by locked outer door to common entrance.
  • If it is not possible to deliver with a bag to the door, the consignment can be picked up from the nearest collection point, such as Post in a shop or post office.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, we cannot guarantee that your order will be delivered at the ordered time on the ordered date. If we are not successful in delivering your order, it will be delivered at the first opportunity.

5. Delay or missing

We really appreciate hearing from you if there was something wrong with the item, or it was delayed. It helps us get better.

Please contact Kosibox as soon as possible so that we can find a good solution. It is important that you send a written message about the relationship.

6. Right of withdrawal

If the product does not meet your expectations, or you regret a purchase, contact Kosibox as soon as possible so that we can find a good solution.

You can cancel the purchase within 14 days of receiving the item.

When canceling an order, this is only possible until we start packing the order. Contact Kosibox as soon as possible to cancel.

7. Transfer

Kosibox may assign this agreement in whole or in part to third parties.

8. Personal data

We treat all customer information as confidential. We provide customer information only to selected third parties, such as delivery partners, and only so that delivery can be fulfilled. For more information read our privacy statement.

9.  Messages to recipient

Kosibox makes it possible for you to send a greeting to the recipient, as well as send photo material. This is printed on paper and attached to the products.

Kosibox reserves the right to stop potentially offensive messages or image material. Kosibox determines what is considered offensive. In such cases, the customer will be contacted. If the customer does not respond to our inquiries, the products will be sent without a greeting or photo, and the amount for cards/photo products will be refunded.

10. The benefit program Koseklubben

The benefits program only applies to purchases made via www. kosibox. en.

When you have signed up to the benefits program and make purchases at www. kosibox. no, or perform certain other actions, you can earn points. These can be used to obtain benefits for future purchases. The points are not to be considered currency or an earned right. Kosibox can make changes to the benefit program at any time, or withdraw it in its entirety.

Points have a duration of one year after the time of earning. Purchases made before the start date do not qualify for points. Kosibox reserves the right to correct points that have been credited in error, also in cases where miscalculations are due to conditions on Kosibox's side, as well as points earned in violation of the membership conditions or legislation. For purchases made but later canceled or refunded, earned points will be fully or partially reset.

Your membership is linked to your email address. Contact us if you wish to transfer points to another membership. You can only transfer points to e-mail addresses you own and which are for your own private use. If you cancel your membership, earned points are lost.

You have the right to have your account deleted from the customer club, and to know what information we have collected about your profile in accordance with Norwegian and European GDPR legislation. Contact us if you have any questions or want to make changes to your membership status.

Should events occur beyond Kosibox's control, or a situation that Kosibox cannot reasonably avoid, this may prevent Kosibox from fulfilling its obligations. This could, for example, be registration or withdrawal of points. In such cases, Kosibox ceases its obligations as long as the extraordinary situation persists.