Kosibox - a Norwegian family business

Hello, we are Andreas and Rachel and we are the founders of Kosibox. We are a Norwegian family business based just outside Oslo and also operate Kosibox from here.

We have often looked for ways to send a gift directly to the recipient. Why isn't there a simple fix for this? A bit like sending flowers, but a gift you can put together yourself? How easy and straightforward it would be!

Kosibox thus became our joint project. After many years in business, we decided to invest in something creative, fun, heartwarming and COZY.

Kosibox was founded in the middle of a pandemic in early 2022, and it has provided the opportunity to meet new people, discover new areas of interest and skills. A real family business!


Our promise to you - a great gift experience!

1. Beautifully wrapped gifts put together as you wish,

2. Fast delivery to the door, directly to the recipient, so you don't have to send it yourself

3. Quality gifts that everyone will be happy about.

The gifts are hand-picked by us, short-traveled, organic, exquisite. Each gift box is carefully hand-wrapped with love to send good wishes to your loved ones.

Whether the occasion is a birthday, anniversary, good luck, or a wish for a speedy recovery, we have a good gift for you. If you have a special request, get in touch and we promise great personal service.

We want to support the local community, if you are a small business making unique
craft products, talk to us. Help us spread joy across the country!

Wonder about something?

Just contact us, we usually respond quickly and think it's great to talk to customers!

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This is how we pack a Kosibox