How do you send a Kosibox gift?

Step 1: Choose a ready-made Kosibox, or build your own

You start the gift journey by choosing from our ready-made Kosiboxes, or by building your own from scratch.

Our finished Kosiboxes are put together with different themes, and you can still choose extra gift items, as well as a card and a personal greeting.

If you want to build your own, the only limit is your imagination!

Once you've chosen your starting point, we'll take you through a few simple steps to put together the perfect gift!

skriv en hilsen for din julegave

Step 2: Make your Kosibox a personal gift

You have the option to add gifts you think the recipient will appreciate, and write a personal greeting on one of our beautiful cards.

In love but don't dare say anything? You can choose to send the gift anonymously! We won't say anything :)

If you are sending a gift for a specific occasion, we can put a sticker on the box that says "Do not open until (your chosen date)." Completely free of course.

Step 3: Complete the order and select shipping

When you have completed your Kosibox, you will be asked to give us the recipient's address. It is important to give us the correct address. Telephone numbers are important for our delivery partners to be able to contact the recipient.

If you would rather deliver the gift personally, you can of course send the gift to yourself.

If you live in Norway's largest cities and surroundings, you can choose a specific delivery date.

See what options you have here: Read more about delivery.

Step 4: The Kosibox is sent directly to the recipient

The recipient receives an SMS in advance and can change the delivery time, or the package will be delivered outside the door. You also get the opportunity to track the shipment.

The lucky recipient will receive a great gift on their doorstep, and can enjoy the gift you have put together.

Why choose U.S

We promise a lot, and we keep what we promise. Getting started is easy!

  • en flott gave som kan sendes på døra

    Great gifts delivered to your door

    We offer a wide selection of premium products. No need to detour around the store and then send the gift in the post.

  • send en overraskelse på døra

    Simple and fun

    Giving should be as rewarding as receiving!
    We aim to offer Norway's most flexible ordering and delivery of gifts.

  • hurtig levering av gaver på døra

    Fast delivery

    We can deliver on the same day in Greater Oslo, with fast delivery also elsewhere in the country.

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

    We set strict environmental requirements. Most of the gift items are short-haul, from Norway or the Nordic countries. We avoid the use of plastic as far as possible.

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Get started, send your gift

Choose how you want to arrange your gift. Click on the image below:

  • Choose a ready-made gift box

    Here you will find our finished concept boxes. Gift boxes for various themes / occasions can be found under 'Gift ideas'. If you are looking for larger orders or tailor-made solutions, just use the chat!

  • Build your own gift box

    Here you will find different starting points for building a gift box. Either choose from our full range or build according to selected themes.

    It is also possible to buy the goods without a gift box (please add a greeting).

  • Let the recipient choose the gifts themselves with gift cards from Kosibox