Terms company & corporate gifts

The terms of agreement below apply to sales to companies (from Kosiboks AS, org no 928 285 219, Krabberudila 31, 1337 Sandvika. )

The gifts can be delivered directly to employees, who are not parties to the agreement between Kosibox and the Customer. In this context, Kosibox relates only to the Customer as contracting party.

The agreement is binding for both parties once you have accepted the offer made by Kosibox.


Kosibox can offer unique designs on cards where the Customer produces the desired design. For this, Kosibox charges a fee of NOK 250 per design, in addition to the ordinary price for cards.

Kosibox can print unique greetings for the individual employee. Unless otherwise agreed, a fee of NOK 5 per card will be charged for administration of this.

Kosibox reserves the right to exceptionally replace individual products with similar products and a similar price. In such cases, the Customer is informed of this in advance.

Any changes after ordering must be approved by Kosibox.


When Kosibox delivers together to a single address, the following applies.

Unless otherwise agreed, the shipping cost is estimated according to the best available information, and the estimate is given on a cost basis. If there is a significant difference, the Customer may be invoiced for the excess shipping cost.

Especially about home delivery to the individual employee

In cases where Kosibox delivers to the individual employee's home, the following applies.

The customer is responsible for the delivery information being correct at all times, including the door number. If the delivery address changes between the time of order and the time of delivery, the Customer is responsible for any delay or loss of the gift. In common entrances, the apartment number or floor should be stated.

Kosibox, or our delivery partners, will contact the Recipient directly so that delivery can take place. Recipient will be notified by SMS. You must provide the correct telephone number when ordering. The recipient will be given the opportunity to change the delivery time/date, but this opportunity must be used well in advance of the planned delivery.

The door must be clearly marked with the recipient's name.

Delivery has taken place when the Recipient, or his representative, has taken over the product. The risk for the goods then passes to you as the buyer.

Especially about delivery by Posten and "bag at the door":

  • The distance from the mailbox to the recipient's door must not be more than 250 m.
  • The post office must have access to the recipient's door, e.g. e.g. by locked outer door to common entrance.
  • If it is not possible to deliver with a bag to the door, the shipment can be picked up from the nearest collection point, such as Post in a store or post office.


Kosibox holds the property rights to delivered goods until the purchase price has been paid in full.

Kosibox normally offers a 14-day payment deadline.

Kosibox can invoice in two stages, first pre-invoicing for the products and then for shipping after delivery. If this becomes relevant, Kosibox will inform in advance of ordering.

Only one delivery attempt is included per gift. Costs for further delivery attempts, returns, incorrect delivery address, collection in store and uncollected goods may be charged to the Customer.

In case of default, Kosibox can assign this agreement in whole or in part to third parties.


Errors and deficiencies in delivered goods must be reported to us within 10 days of receipt of goods.

Intellectual Property Rights

In the case of special production of cards or other goods with the Customer's logo or brands, the Customer is responsible for holding the necessary rights to designs, logos, brands and the like.

When Kosibox carries out design work, photographic work or other things regulated by the Intellectual Property Act, Kosibox has the rights to the work, and can use it in marketing and profiling. The customer's name, logo, design or brands must not be used without the customer's consent.

Personal data

We treat all customer information and personal data as confidential. We provide customer information only to selected third parties, such as delivery partners, and only so that delivery can be fulfilled.

In order to deliver directly to the customer's employees, we avoid using e-mail. The customer is asked not to send personal data to Kosibox via e-mail. Instead, we offer a file transfer service. Kosibox cannot be held responsible for the loss of personal data sent via e-mail.

We store the customer's data with high security, and delete this when the agreement expires, or when the customer asks us to. The customer can at any time request access to the data we store.

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