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What Christmas present does Santa want?

What does Santa want for Christmas? Not so easy to know perhaps. What do you give to the person who has everything? In today's society, many people have everything they need. Then it is not easy to know what to give as a Christmas present.

The fall height is high on Christmas Eve, it should ideally be original gifts, which show how much you appreciate the recipient, a thoughtful and surprising gift that the recipient actually needs, but didn't know it themselves. In other words, quite a lot to live up to!

How to give good and personal Christmas gifts?

Good gifts should be a great experience for both the giver and the recipient of the gift. The giver gets to express their concern for the recipient through the gift they have chosen, and the recipient gets significant value from the gift, whether practical, financial or emotional.

The easiest may be to buy what they actually say they need, if they state their wishes. It will be very practical for the recipient, but not particularly inspiring for the giver, who does not get to use their creativity to find a good and well-thought-out gift.

Often, however, the donor says that it "has everything they need". What should you buy then? This places an additional challenge on the donor.

A rule of thumb is to think about what feelings you want the recipient to have when they open the gift. It can be a positive surprise, a feeling that the donor has thought extra hard about what exactly he or she needs, or gratitude for the effort the donor has put in.

What does a good gift cost?

When you give good gifts, you give of yourself. It means that you have put in a significant level of effort, consideration or money with the goal of making the recipient a little happier.

Consideration matters most, that the giver shows that he or she cares for the recipient, and can see their needs.

A gift that requires a lot of effort can be something you have made yourself, spent a lot of time to please the recipient.

Last comes the budget. It is not the monetary value that is the most important thing, but it can still give a clue as to how much the giver appreciates the recipient. There are unwritten rules for how much a gift should cost for different occasions. Don't get caught up in expectations of the monetary value of a gift, especially if you can instead achieve value for the recipient through your own efforts or specially thought-out gifts.

originale julegaver

The Christmas present for those who have everything

On Christmas Eve, presents are the main entertainment, for both young and old. We gather around the tree and everyone wants to see who has given what, they want to see relationships strengthened, and consideration and love spread in the family. Funny gifts can provide a good experience at the Christmas party, for example gifts with funny greetings that say something about the recipient. Note that these should be quality products, which have useful value for the recipient.

A common pitfall is that you buy gifts that the recipient has no use for, and that are left in drawers and cupboards. The giver may be focused on the emotional aspect of giving the gift, but not think enough about whether the recipient actually needs the gift. Then the gift becomes a source of bad conscience for the recipient, who does not want to give away or throw away the gift out of respect for the giver. The gift is often left standing and taking up valuable space. This overconsumption is also an environmental problem.

That is why we recommend edible gifts or wellness products and other gifts that are used up on a daily basis.

Charity and gifts for those who don't have "everything"

In Christian tradition Christmas gifts originate from the three wise men who give gifts to the baby Jesus. That's why we give gifts to show that we appreciate each other. Later came the legend of Sant Niklas who gives gifts to the needy which later became caught up in what we today associate with Father Christmas (Santa Claus).

Most of us live in a society characterized by abundance. We are well off, and if we need something, we go and buy it ourselves. There are still many who are not as lucky, and have great unmet needs.

Charitable gifts, such as making a donation to a charity, can be a good gift. And not least, it is greatly appreciated by those who receive your donation. For the donor, this is a good and meaningful experience. For the recipient, it does not necessarily give the same feeling. They are of course happy that a donation was made, but it is not really a gift to them. It is a donation to charity.

We therefore recommend combining a donation to charity with a gift to the recipient. This is how you achieve helping those who need it most, and at the same time the recipient experiences the good gift experience.

What types of gifts are suitable for Christmas?

In general, it is good to give gifts that do not represent choices that the recipient is forced to make. For example, an experience gift where the recipient must decide the time. This decision that the recipient must make can be experienced as a burden, and perhaps the experience will never be completed. Then it is better to book an experience on a given date, some way into the future. You can also change the date afterwards if it does not suit the recipient.

Gift cards also force the recipient to make decisions about what to buy. Large amounts of money disappear every year back to the gift card companies because gift cards are not used up.

We recommend giving complete gifts, i.e. where the entire gift has already been paid for. It can be tempting to make a contribution to a larger gift, but then the recipient gets a burden by paying the rest of the gift, unless it is something the recipient has expressed that they want.

Flowers can be good gifts, but remember that flowers need to be watered, and this can be a source of irritation for those who do not have green fingers or ingrained habits for watering the flowers. It is not fun to see the beautiful flowers wither.

Plants can be a good alternative to flowers, as they last much longer. It is still important that they are very easy to care for, or that the recipient has green fingers from before and enjoys tending to plants.

A very good alternative can be dried flowers. Here you can get beautiful bouquets, they do not wither and last almost "forever".

Some Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones could be:

Edible Christmas gifts

Edible Christmas gifts are well received by the vast majority, and do not go to waste. It is also extra great to give gifts from Norway, which are locally produced of high quality. Good for supporting local producers, and good for the environment with short-traveled gifts.

Christmas gift tip: A gift box is a great experience

A great gifting experience can be tailoring a Christmas present as you think the recipient will appreciate it. Here, a gift box can be a good alternative, especially when you can decide the contents entirely yourself and have it sent directly to your door.

We have made it possible for you to create a personal Christmas gift, a gift box that you can put together exactly as you think the recipient would like. We have many good Christmas gift ideas, gifts that don't get dusty and that most people appreciate. Find your personal Christmas present.

It doesn't get any easier, Christmas presents delivered directly to the door of the person you want.

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